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Governing transitions in the Middle East

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The Transitional Governance Project is a collaborative effort that emerged in 2012 from independent, synergistic activities of its members. TGP aims to enhance our understanding of the pressures, processes and prospects for transitions in order to support policymakers engaged in improving governance.

Project areas include:

  • Political processes:  supports election processes and party development
  • Identities and ideologies: Focus on ethnic, religious and other conflicts
  • People - women, youth, and minorities:  Focus on disadvantaged citizens and their preferences.

TGP studies are based on public opinion polling, systematic qualitative interviews, and analyses of electoral results.  Findings are disseminated through party trainings, consultations with government officials and NGOs, public lectures and writings.

The collaborative brings with it broad experience across the non-democratic world. Together, the team has worked in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia.